Top Moments: Intoxicated Suspects Caught On Police Bodycam Video

Top Moments: Intoxicated Suspects Caught On Police Bodycam Video

Track Your Projects With Ease

Whether it’s tracking the installing of a complex set of equipment, or keeping track of where you are up to on your project, many people need help. Can you look in one place and know exactly where you stand on all of your projects? Databases enable you to do just that.

What Is an Efficiency Expert? Part 2 – How Can They Help My Small Business?

What the heck is an Efficiency Expert? Learn how an Efficiency Expert can work with your small business to increase your business efficiency and free up more of your valuable time.

The Smartest Way to Insure Your Small Business

Insuring your small business is never easy. It takes awhile, and it can be challenging finding a firm that represents your needs and understands the challenges you face in your niche industry. With current economic hardships, many companies are cutting back on their insurance, a strategy that could mean financial ruin given a bad enough disaster, such as a fire or flood. Many businesses never reopen after such losses, and having insufficient insurance can mean a total loss of assets. Insuring your business with ample coverage from a qualified broker can increase your odds of long term success, even in the event of losing your building or equipment.

Small Business Law: Preparing For the Inevitable Employment Claim

Your business is doing well. It is turning a profit and name recognition in your industry is finally where you want it to be. All of a sudden you open the mail to find that your Company has been named in an EEOC charge filed by a former employee of yours. How could this be? Can anyone just file a charge against you? What if the claim is meritless, is there still a risk of adverse consequences and how will you afford to defend it?

Small Business Has The Upper Hand In The Era Of The Consumer

Whether marketers and business leaders realize it or not we have quietly slipped into the ‘era of the consumer’. The days of creating and forcing products and services on the public and hoping to forge successful corporations are fading away.