Todt Family Murders Live Trial Start Monday (Anthony Todt)

Todt Family Murders Live Trial Start Monday (Anthony Todt)

All The World’s A Stage In Small Business Too

In the play “As You Like It” Shakespeare pens a melancholic character through Jacques, who states the now famous line,”All the world’s a stage… Shakespeare was brilliant in expanding our conceptual reality through the theater by bringing our attention to the drama that is day-to-day living from human stages of life. Like most of his work, there are multiple meanings in the voices of his characters.

Things to Know to Get Yourself Ready in Starting a Coffee Shop Business

A coffee based business is certainly one of the best trades that you can think of. We are living in a world dominated by coffee drinkers.

Mistakes to Avoid When Putting Up a Coffee Business

The general mistake that some people do in starting up a coffee business is they never treat it enough like a business. Your passion for coffee is one driving factor, but you must also have a passion for business.

Opening Your Own Coffee Shop

Many people are thinking about putting up a shop and going into business. Being your own boss seems to be a strong incentive.

Important Tips for Starting a Coffee Shop Business

Opening a coffee shop business is an exciting endeavor. However, it’ll be fun no more if no money is going back to you.