'Tiger King' Star Accused of Money Laundering, WaPo Adds Note to Amber Heard's Op-Ed (L&C Daily)

‘Tiger King’ Star Accused of Money Laundering, WaPo Adds Note to Amber Heard’s Op-Ed (L&C Daily)

Setting Home Business Goals

It is time to start thinking about your business and personal goals. Every year, you have a chance to start over and think about how you can improve your business and yourself.

Secrets to Science Government Contracting

You need to pursue the government agency. Yes, it does take time and resources. The time you put in to marketing to the agency is not wasted, as long as you know that they buy your services or products. Just as your private customers, you need to know if they can use your company.

Is LinkedIn The Secret Weapon for Joint Venture Success?

Joint Venture Marketing is talked about often and social media allows those of us that us it to find JV partners easily. LinkedIn is my favorite social platform and has allowed me to develop my relationship marketing or joint venture marketing at a much faster pace than ever before. This article explains some of the ways I’ve set up my LinkedIn and social media marketing to create 5 figure joint venture deals.

Business Disappointments and Business Success – Two Lessons Along the Journey

When we set ourselves business and life goals, we often are very disappointed if they don’t come about the way (or in the time frame) we had envisioned them. How can we avoid disappointments and use the “negative” experience to get to our business goals even quicker? Two lessons and 1 case study can help.

The Essentials of ORCA Registration

Orca registration is one of the most important steps as you do business with the government. If you really want to gear for the deal of your lifetime, get on with this step right away!