"This Could Have Been A DEATH Case!" | Personal Injury Court

“This Could Have Been A DEATH Case!” | Personal Injury Court

Window Guard Accidents

Every year over 5,000 children are treated for injuries related to falls from windows, according to Pediatrics.com; that averages out to be around 14 children every day who fall out of a window and are hurt badly enough to require emergency care. A story by CNN Health outlines that boys are more likely to be involved in window falls than girls and that injury rate is at the highest in the two year old age group – this is the age when many children become curious but can’t quite understand the risk involved with testing an open window.

“Negligence” – Car Accident Legal Theory

Driver negligence is the cause for many car accidents. A driver is considered negligent if he or she drives carelessly, resulting in harm to another person or damage to property. There are many ways in which a person could drive negligently. Most states have laws that define the “rules of the road.” Should a driver violate any of these rules, he or she would have been negligent and responsible for any damage that results from this negligence. For example, most drivers have a duty to drive at a reasonable, prudent speed. This means that not only must drivers drive according to posted speed limits; drivers must also drive in a reasonable manner given the existing road and weather conditions. Drivers must also avoid distracted driving. This means that engaging in activities such as texting while driving would be failing to exercise reasonable care while driving. Similarly, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are both against the law, and would result in liability for the offending driver.

The Emotional and Financial Costs of a Dog Bite Attack

Physical injuries and rehabilitation are not the only aftermath for a dog attack victim to deal with. Often, the attack leaves terror in its wake, with emotional issues that may last a lifetime. The costs of being a victim are already too much, don’t be further victimized by not being able to reach a fair dog bite lawsuit settlement.

10 Year Trend of Car Accidents

Drivers, battling rush hour each morning, would be shocked to hear that despite the growing number of vehicles on the road, car accident statistics show a decline in injuries and fatalities. While a decreasing trend may bring a little peace of mind to many drivers, the number of annual accidents is still higher than it should ever be. The statistics change, but driving behaviors remain problematic. A car accident lawyer explains it well, “Car accident statistics show the sad reality that many families are affected by preventable injuries or even deaths… when drivers are simply not careful enough behind the wheel.” With the number of commuters at all-time high, within the last 10-20 years, driving habits must continue to evolve if we want to continue to see a decreasing trend in car accidents.

What to Expect From Your Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured through no fault of your own, you may have a personal injury claim. If so, you should know what to expect from your accident attorney. What exactly should you expect for your personal injury attorney? Why do you even need an attorney in the first place?