The Slap Heard Around The World: Will Smith Assaults Chris Rock (L&C Daily)

The Slap Heard Around The World: Will Smith Assaults Chris Rock (L&C Daily)

The Multipurpose Brown Paper Bags

Imagine a day without bags? It seems completely unbelievable to spend a day without using bags.

How A Business Coach Can Boost Your Private Practice

A few ways a business coach can help your private practice to grow and succeed. Why hiring a business coach is a good move for your business.

In Your Forties? It’s Not Late to Join the Start-Up Bandwagon

I am in my late 40s, left my corporate job in early 30s and since then then have been a part of start-up ecosystem donning different hats – an entrepreneur, prop investor and now an early stage fund manager. My peer group, who passed their IITs in late 80s – 90s and are now C-level executives with top corporates while some have reinvented their careers to become film makers, writers, chefs and journalists giving vent to their creativity.

Women Entrepreneurs: The Money Is Out There!

There is a myriad of opportunities for women entrepreneurs to contribute to the economy. For those women who do not qualify for traditional lending, there are alternative lending options available to fund business ideas and to grow solo-businesses.

How to Help Your Millennial Employees Do a Better Job Serving Your Boomer Customers

In this article Tom Borg shares with you how to make sure your millennial employees are better able to deal with their boomer customers. Follow his advice and insure your loyalty from your older customers.