The Hunt for the Fourth Man: Russian Mole Inside the CIA or FBI

The Hunt for the Fourth Man: Russian Mole Inside the CIA or FBI

Small Business Hiring: Should You Use a Staffing Agency?

Do you need to hire someone to help out with your small business on a temporary or project basis? Is it time to add another person to your team? Maybe you have a special project going on that requires an extra pair of hands for a specific time frame or your business has grown to the point where you need assistance on the busiest days of the week or times of the month.

Let’s Play Ball and Open A Business Bank Account

Basketball, Family Business, and Opening a Business Bank Account – what do they have in common? Members of a family collectively running a family business are “playing” together as a team. Aside from bonding to make the family ties stronger, like playing hard ball together, they collaborate with each other in pushing their business bonds to reach maximum value. Each member is a key player in scoring positive goals for the business, contributing to the attainment of the much coveted “championship title”, as when the business earns profit exponentially. A good strategy family businesses might want to consider is opening a business bank account to ensure that each family player benefits from the business, simultaneously ensuring that the business is reaching its full potential.

Is Your USP and Positioning Prospect-Friendly? 5 Questions to Ask Before Investing in More Marketing

If you’re in a service-oriented business, distinguishing from your competitors can be a daily grind as you develop your brand promise. Developing competitor-centric positioning and unique selling propositions and taglines doesn’t always translate into more sales. If your marketing efforts aren’t resonating with your customers and sales are down, it may be time to check your assumptions and re-focus on the one area that can grow your income – what your ideal prospects value. A great place to start is by asking five key questions about your prospects and how they value your services.

Mobile Sinks Offer Cleanliness, Convenience and Affordability

Mobile sinks are cleverly-designed pieces of equipment. Their invention is simply a boon to many people. The use of these things brings a lot of benefits which include offering cleanliness, convenience and affordability to their users.

Are You in the Sales Cycle or the Buyers’ Cycle? 3 Questions To Ask if Sales Aren’t What You Expect

Ask almost any small business owner what they dislike about being self-employed, and I would wager that “the sales process” will be in the top three. Why is that? They almost certainly went into business because of what they do, not the selling of what they do. Time spent selling is time away from the core business of delivering. If the sales effort is a part-time grind that isn’t generating the satisfactory results, there are three key considerations.