That poor puppy 😔 #PersonalInjuryCourt #CourtShow #Puppy #Dogs #Shorts

That poor puppy 😔 #PersonalInjuryCourt #CourtShow #Puppy #Dogs #Shorts

Youth Soccer: Should Johnny Head the Ball?

Soccer remains a tremendously popular sport that people of all ages enjoy, both participating in and watching. With more children than ever playing this sport in school and during the weekend peewee league series, parents increasingly look to coaches to make sure their kids’ teams win at all costs. However, this unprecedented parental support for amateur soccer coaches has led to some of these team leaders to put their young players at unnecessary risk.

It Flew Off A Big Rig Truck: Who’s Liable For Damages?

This scenario is a nightmare for many motorists: following behind a truck loaded with logs, pipes, or any other unenclosed load brings to mind the frightening idea of what could happen if something comes loose from the truck. This is especially a problem on freeways, because even if an item which dislodges from the back of the truck is small, it can still injure or kill the people in the car behind it. The driver could potentially wreak havoc on the roadways by neglecting to fully secure his load.

Celebrating Biker’s Week? Learn Rules of the Road

One of the most common items found on a bucket list is to purchase a motorcycle or to learn how to drive one, followed by attending one of the famous Bike Week events in the country. One of the most famous events is Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida which occurs every March. This 10 day event is filled with everything from motorcycle racing events to concerts. It is held at the beach and on the mainland, making it a very large event.

Is There Too Much Hostility Between Cyclist and Motorist?

here always seems to be hostility between bicyclists and vehicle drivers when it comes to sharing the road. Both parties believe that they have specific “rights” on the road and believe that the other person is in violation of those rights. Sadly, both parties are often incorrect about the traffic laws they believe have been violated. Most traffic rules surrounding bicycles and vehicles sharing the road are urban legend.

The High Price of Fleeing the Accident Scene

No one anticipates, upon walking out their front door in the morning, to be involved in an automobile accident. These events can be insanely stressful, and this may explain why some people get so scared that they flee the scene after such an incident. Unfortunately for these individuals, fleeing the scene is considered a hit-and-run, and engaging in this activity is illegal regardless of where a person lives. The temptation to just quickly leave the scene of an accident may seem overwhelming, but it’s imperative for a person to understand the risks they’re taking by doing so.