Testimony of Police Officer That Responded to Amber Heard's 911 Call (Officer Melissa Saenz)

Testimony of Police Officer That Responded to Amber Heard’s 911 Call (Officer Melissa Saenz)

Effective Waste Management Practices For Residences And Industries

Effective waste management is one of the foundations of a progressive society. A town or a city may have large malls, top class hospitals and a perfectly set up telecommunications network but if it can’t manage its waste, it’ll see health problems, environmental degradation and unsanitary living conditions.

How to Improve Cash Flow

Whatever kind of business you run, cash flow is of exceptional importance and it can be extremely difficult to manage. Here are some tips on how to improve your cash flow.

Waste Recycling Tips For The Average Consumer

Consumers keep the economy stable by purchasing products made by manufacturers. This cycle is essential to keep supply and demand balanced. However, it so happens that overuse or excess demand puts a strain on the supply chain as many resources are finite. Moreover, the buildup of trash increases to the point where landfills overflow and we have more junk than we know what to do with.

Different Types of Profit

Although generally simple enough, it may be handy to have at least some clear understanding of the different terms that are used to describe different levels of profit. Notably there are more than one, and having a clear understanding of each of the types of profit will help you with conversations about your business with various interested parties, as well as enable you to figure out how much of the money you have earned, you can actually take out of your business.

The Good and Bad of Small Business Promotions

I compare the benefits and drawbacks of holding promotions for your small business in today’s online marketing dominated world. Determine if a special, sale, or daily deal is right for you, and makes sense for your customers.