Taylor Schabusiness Pleads Not Guilty to Killing Her Lover & Mutilating His Corpse

Taylor Schabusiness Pleads Not Guilty to Killing Her Lover & Mutilating His Corpse

Cleaning Business – More Profit With Fewer Clients

This article will show house cleaning professionals how to increase profits by simply adding a few specialty services to smaller existing office or house cleaning jobs instead of searching for more clients. When adding more unique services to your existing cleaning business such as: light lawn and garden maintenance, carpet cleaning, general insect control, or window cleaning, you can make smaller jobs turn into larger jobs thus becoming more profitable and worth while in the long run. I find that most office and home owners that hire professional house cleaners also pay good money for other…

The Importance of Vision

Everybody ends up somewhere in life. A few people end up somewhere on purpose. Those are the people with vision, with a clearly-defined dream. Successful people may have other things going for them as well. But they certainly have vision.

The Importance of Employment Tests

It is a known fact that the success of an employer and a company as a whole depends largely on the quality and reliability of its employees. This is the reason why employers must invest time and even money in the recruitment and interview process.

How to Deal With Rising Costs At Your Small Business

Is the economy making it hard for your business stay afloat due to rising costs? Consider these 4 tips for how other small business owners are coping with rising costs at their business.

Reconsider Employee Benefits To Reduce Costs

Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) should evaluate their employee benefit packages if they want to reduce costs during the current economic climate. Research by MetLife revealed that over a quarter of small businesses are thinking about reducing their employee’s annual holiday entitlement because they believe they are being too generous and this move will help to reduce overheads. It was discovered that employers would like to decrease the amount of annual that they were currently offering by an average of four days and that workers were open to a reduction in their holiday in return for…