Suspect Shoots At Police During 130-MPH High-Speed Chase

Suspect Shoots At Police During 130-MPH High-Speed Chase

How to Set Up a Live Juice Cleanse Delivery Service

A guide to setting up a juice cleanse delivery service including setting up your website and selecting the equipment to use. We include choices of juicer and blender.

Why Some Coaches Are Succeeding While Many Others Struggle

With 2 weeks left in 2014, lots of business owners are in planning mode. Most of my client sessions have been around strategic planning, looking at what went right (and not so much) in 2014 and identifying/creating new systems to support a more leveraged and optimized business in the coming year. Fun stuff. Truly… this is the stuff I absolutely adore.

Challenges Facing Tradespeople and Small Businesses

Although there are many trustworthy tradespeople throughout the world, why do so many homeowners experience difficulty finding an honest, reliable, professional trades person? The answer is not easy, but I will attempt to share my experience and opinion.

Finding Low Cost Ways to Bring in New Hypnosis Clients

I recently sent an email to other hypnotist friends about how to get more clients and this is the response I got. I’ve also been chatting to various neighbors and friends and came up with a pretty comprehensive list of ways to get more hypnosis clients.

Booklet Tips – Two Crucial Words

You are thinking about creating your first or next publication. Two words are running in the background of your thoughts whether you realize it or not. The same is true with your buyers, when they are considering investing in what you are offering. It can be easy to forget about those two words in your enthusiasm once you have birthed that booklet or other information product. Yet without focusing on those two simple yet powerful words, you can be losing out without ever realizing why.