Sunday Night Hanngout

Sunday Night Hanngout

Raise Your Prices Right Now

Let me be blunt: you need to start raising your prices. However, this pricing must be in context.

How to Write Winning Proposals – Part 2 – Style

This is the second of a series of articles on how to write winning proposals. We are concentrating on preparing proposals in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) from a Government Agency. The first part, Introduction, addressed the RFP, its makeup, and the accompanying “Instructions to Offerors”. This installment covers writing and presentation styles.

Mine For Your Gold

How do most people find gold? Well, they look at the ground and pick up shiny rocks.

Finding It Hard to Choose a Project Management Software to Run Your Business? Here Is Some Help

You can apply this quick 5-points test to the project management software packages you would like to evaluate for your business. If a package gets flying colors from this test, it can be a good choice to consider. Here are the 5 points…

Exploring Shared Workplace Option for Startups

Fluctuating economy has made many start-ups and small businesses to pull down the shutter. These companies have become increasingly cautious and are weighing their pros and cons before they can indulge in exorbitant investment. Naturally, these companies are exploring shared workplace options. New ventures, freelancers and even big conglomerates subscribe to shared office space services. Quite simply, individually acquiring or leasing an office space is way too expensive and even global conglomerates need local meeting rooms or business centers for sensitive and engaging business meetings. Economic slowdown and fluctuating currency value has further pushed new ventures to explore shared workplace option. Let’s explore few of the pros and cons involved in shared workplace model.