Sovereign Citizens Gone Wild #38

Sovereign Citizens Gone Wild #38

Is Self-Employment a Holiday?

Many of you may dream about being self-employed, being independent, not being answerable to anyone, deciding your own working hours and taking as many holidays as you want. However, that may not be the reality of the self-employed person’s work/life balance!

What’s Your Churn?

Years ago while sitting in one of my first meetings at a national satellite television company, the word “churn” came up and immediately everyone sat up and starting talking about how to reduce it – offering ideas, sharing strategies. I’d come from the Federal Government and this was a new word for me… “churn”. I thought it was something to do with butter until that day.

How To Choose The Best Small Businesses Marketing Strategies

A small business generally is one having limited revenues, few employees and constrained market reach. To select the best strategies for small businesses marketing, you must establish what your short-term and long-term goals are. You also need to train yourself on concepts and strategies of marketing.

How to Close a Sale and Build a Million Dollar Business

If you can’t sell, you don’t make sales and you don’t have a business. Too many people fear selling and fail to close the deal or leave money on the table. And it’s not about technique – it’s about self worth! Overcome limiting beliefs to create the business you’ve always wanted.

The Ultimate Success Strategy: Seven Essential Keys to Success

We all know individuals who want to make a positive contribution-who want to do something that excites them and help to make the world a better place. Yet you know something is missing forestalled because they lack a strategy. This is where the business development template comes in.