Sovereign Citizen Court Fail #47

Sovereign Citizen Court Fail #47

What You Must Know About Vending Businesses

If you’re thinking about getting involved with vending, read this article first, and go in with your eyes wide open. Aside from the obvious questions about machine price and delivery, here are 3 critical questions you must ask yourself and the person trying to sell you either vending machines or a vending machine business opportunity–before you get started!

Booklet Tips – Producers Not End-Users

The end-user is your buyer when you focus only on single-copy sales of your tips booklet or any other form of your content. It’s a different story when your attention is primarily on large quantity sales to companies, associations, educational institutions, and the military and the decision makers in each of those environments. They want to reach the same end-user as you do, though the path they take is other than the one you take, and for reasons that serve them and ultimately you best.

Generating a List of Customer Needs

One of the best ways to ensure that your small business is delivery what your clients want and need is to actually ask them. Using these simple approaches for collecting information about your customer needs you can better address the true, instead of perceived, needs of your clients.

Number 1 Way to Increase Your Profits

Typically the phrase “increase your profits” is immediately followed by “lowering your expenses” or “cutting back”. Not today.

3 Good Reasons To Upgrade to NFC (Smartphone) Payment Equipment

Smartphone payment technology is beginning to take hold in the market. There are good reasons for this and business owners can use it to their advantage.