"Soda Can Was Launched From Upstairs Into Johnny Depp's TV Arm" Says Bodyguard

“Soda Can Was Launched From Upstairs Into Johnny Depp’s TV Arm” Says Bodyguard

Passive Income, Let Someone Else Do The Work

When starting out on your journey of building your passive income, you will find that it is harder than you think to actually create something that will eventually translate into true passive income. Recognizing that there are really very few opportunities where you are actually able to build any significant income without having to work for it, which I anticipate is also your goal, I suspect that your journey will likely prove frustrating and challenging at best.

Financing to Start My Daycare Business

One of the biggest challenges facing anyone who dreams of owning and operating their own business is to find the finances to start the business. For starting a daycare business, the challenges are the same. To start any business one has to plan what it will cost to start the business, what it will cost to reach break-even point and how long it will take to reach that point.

Creating The Right Focus On Social Media

Is your small business missing the boat on social media? A fresh perspective at why old marketing practices should not be carried over into these modern online times.

Survive Your Business, Reward Yourself

Having worked in several of my own businesses over the past 20 years, I have found that often enough you tend to get bogged down in the work and the stress of it all, and then it simply stops being fun. And admitting that having your own business is not all fun, there is a fair amount of satisfaction at the end of each day, simply by virtue of having succeeded.

Selling Your Business – You May Become the Banker

So you’ve decide to sell your business, well you probably will have to become a banker. Why a banker, because more than likely you will have to finance most of the sale price. Ah, now you are confused, you thought that all buyers would pay you all cash or they could get a real bank to finance their purchase. The odds are over 90%, by some estimates, that you will have to carry at least a portion of the purchase price, via a loan, with no collateral. That can be real scary!