Sister of Man Who O.J. Simpson Was Accused of Murdering, Kim Goldman (Coptales Podcast)

Sister of Man Who O.J. Simpson Was Accused of Murdering, Kim Goldman (Coptales Podcast)

Opening Your Own Boutique: Overcoming Fears and Understanding Critical Factors

If opening a boutique of your own is what you dream of, this article could give you a starting point. It will try to address the main fears and will share critical factors you should pay attention to!

Small Business Identity Theft Protection – One Step You May Be Missing

Over $8 billion was stolen from small businesses through identity theft in 2008 according to the Javelin Strategy & Research. Small business identity theft is a growing problem. There are many things a small business owner can do to protect his and the companies personal information. However, there is one key step that many businesses overlook and it could cost them dearly.

Keep Your Clients Coming Back With A Comfortable Hair Salon Layout

As a hair salon owner, you want to give your clients the greatest service possible. Happy clients are loyal, and will return for treatments again and again. Your customers will spend hours at a time in your studio for a color or a cut, and you want to make it comfortable for them. You can use a number of ideas to create a comfortable environment for them. You can use decorating and design schemes to create an ambiance that will have clients returning for more than just a good haircut.

How Will the Durbin Amendment Affect Your Merchant Account?

In July the Federal Reserve was required by Congress to rule on a reduced Interchange fee banks are allowed to charge when a merchant accepts one of their debit cards. This only affects debit cards and will have no change to the cost of credit cards Currently, the average Interchange cost banks are charging is $0.44 per transaction. The Federal Reserve ruled banks can only charge $.21 + 5 basis points per transaction, plus a $.01 fraud fee. This is nearly a 50% reduction in the fees associated with accepting debit. (This is based upon the average debit card sale throughout the merchant services industry. The higher your debit card transaction is the more money you will save on that transaction. )

The Case of a Boutique Law Firm Vs A Conventional Law Firm

What is a boutique law firm? In what cases is it better compared to a conventional law firm? When is it better to stick with a conventional law firm instead? These and a few more questions have been answered in this article.