She Gave Birth After Prom and Buried Her Newborn Baby in Her Backyard

She Gave Birth After Prom and Buried Her Newborn Baby in Her Backyard

Down Economy And The Future Of Small Business

I thought I had the dream setup. A business where I made money doing something that I loved. For me-that was designing and building surfboards. I never really intended it to be a full on “Business”. But-by the time I got out of high school, I’d already started making a name for myself and built a strong following of clients-so I figured why not! Business continued to move upward until 2008, that’s when everything (and everyone) started to really feel the economy take a down turn-my business was hit hard. So I had to make a choice…

Thoughtful Small Business – Amazing Blueprint To Convert Your Knowledge Into Profits

Did you know that small business is the backbone of the economic recovery? Well, it’s true. And instead of risking being an employee of a big corporation that might downsize you anyway, you can make a lot of money sharing your expertise. Yes, that’s right. You are already an expert at some topic where people with disposable income will gladly pay you to learn your secrets. Find the pain of your market, create a viable solution, share it and watch your profits grow for your small business.

Different Types Of Carpet Cleaning Business

There are kinds of businesses that are in cleaning the carpets as well as the methods that are deployed in cleaning the carpets. Here are a few examples of the different of carpet cleaning businesses out there today.

3 Ways To Get Your Customers To Start Chasing You

There is a big difference between the marketing techniques of a doctor and that of a salesman. Patients are always chasing doctors, they visit them at their location; and doctors are seen as authority figures, and they get a lot of respect. On the other hand salespeople are always chasing potential customers, they make house calls, they are seen as an annoyance, and are constantly rejected by customers who think they know everything.

Franchises and Turnkey Business Packages – A Comparison

If you’ve decided this is the time to start your own business, you might be considering a franchise. If so, you will also want to research and compare a lesser-known business model – a turnkey business package.