Serial Killer Expert Katherine Ramsland Talks BTK & Jack The Ripper

Serial Killer Expert Katherine Ramsland Talks BTK & Jack The Ripper

What Are The Twin SBA 8a Certification Advantages?

SBA 8a certification enables small businesses to take advantage of the huge federal marketplace and win big contracts from government agencies which in turn help consolidate their business. This article will summarize the twin 8a advantages.

Booklet Tips – Tradeshows and Tips Booklets

Tips booklets and tradeshows are ideal partners. They have been for many years, and still are today, even in the age of digital publications and social media. And that’s all true no matter what size the tradeshow is, too. There are several reasons why this is so.

Why Do Norwegian Translators Charge So High?

Being a Norwegian translator, you have a right to charge more in light of the fact that there are lesser Norwegian translators available in the industry. In addition to the previously mentioned factors, living expenses and market dynamics also work as important factors.

Small Business Internet Marketing Tips That Ignite

For many new small business owners, online marketing is an after thought. These entrepreneurs might here someone say, “Just build a website and people will find you!” This is the furthest thing from the truth. In reality, in order to be found, getting to page one of Google should be the small business owner’s goal. These are the steps to get there!

Guess What? There’s NOTHING Wrong With You and If You Think There Is, You’re Losing Money

Most of you are in a business where you’re selling yourself. YOU are front and center, and when people buy from you they’re not buying widgets, they’re investing in YOU and your unique talents. So if you’re walking around thinking you’re damaged goods, then who’s gonna want to buy from you?