Sacramento Mass Shooting Leaves 6 Dead & 12 Injured (L&C Daily)

Sacramento Mass Shooting Leaves 6 Dead & 12 Injured (L&C Daily)

Getting By With a Little Help From My Friends

As the saying goes “No Man is an Island” and this week has reminded me how important it is not to get entirely wrapped up in what you’re doing that you don’t interact with the outside world. Because sometimes distraction is all we need to get the focus back and push on to the end.

It’s Just Double Dumb For Business Owners to Not Be Smartphone/Smartwatch Payment Ready!

Apple Watch is soon being released. Like the recently released iPhone 6 it will be Apple Pay ready. Don’t miss out. Upgrade your equipment to take advantage of this technology revolution.

Commingling Business Funds?

Do you know what they mean when they say don’t commingle your funds? Learn how to keep your accounts separate and your corporate veil strong. Don’t get stuck not knowing how to protect yourself. Let us show you what to do.

Why Standing Still Is Not An Option in Business

How’s business? I just wanted to share with you an astonishing fact.

Small Businesses Are Recommended to Take Periodic Transformational Leaps

A small or micro business is always faced with difficulties when under pressure from its competitors, as it does not have big investors to leverage its improvement projects, maintenance strategies in the market, and survival. Nonetheless, there is a concept in the strategy literature that might be useful in said occasions, as long as it is executed in a persistent and disciplined manner: the transformational leap.