Ring Security Video Shows Attempted Murder, Robbery In Nevada

Ring Security Video Shows Attempted Murder, Robbery In Nevada

Marketing Strategy – Why The More You Market, The Less Customers You Get

If you are spending a lot of your time marketing, then you are probably neglecting very important parts of your business. Marketing is necessary, but not at the expense of sacrificing valuable time that is needed to lead, grow and build your organization. In this article you will learn what you can do to automate your marketing so that you can focus your efforts at more important areas of your business – like making money.

Battery Tenders Offer Excellent Scope of Business in a Society Dependent on Electronic Devices

Demand for electronic devices is raising the roof and offers excellent business opportunities. Read an informative post on latest battery tenders and scope for winning tenders in India.

Strategic Ways to Beat Your “Big League” Competitors

It’s always challenging for small businesses owners to bid against the big guys. Burdened with less staff and equipment, small businesses are often forced to compete on price alone – an action that ultimately leads to less profit (if any!) at the end of the day. To stop the endless cycle of taking on unprofitable projects, small businesses need to compete on selling factors other than price alone. There are a variety of features unique to your company that will definitely set you apart from your competition. The key is figuring out where your competition falls short, where you excel and how you can market your selling features to your customers in a way that shows them why you’re the favorable choice.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Many people venture into the world of business without taking the time to critically answer some very fundamental business questions that goes a long way in determining how successful the new business venture becomes or not. In this article, I will be sharing the 11 fundamental business questions I usually use in my coaching and consulting process for start-ups.

Calling All Leaders (Out)!

Are you really a leader? Before you answer consider this: The Webster’s Dictionary defines leader as: “a person who has commanding authority or influence.” OK, on the surface that looks good, but let’s take a closer look. If that is the case, is leadership going to provide optimal growth and development? Are you creating leverage for yourself by following that definition? The answer is clearly NO!