Retired Cop That Helped Stop Las Vegas Mass Shooting, Ashton Packe (Coptales Podcast)

Retired Cop That Helped Stop Las Vegas Mass Shooting, Ashton Packe (Coptales Podcast)

Marketing for Low Cost Enterprises

Low cost business opportunities may not be as complex as extensive ventures but marketing is still important for the entrepreneur because it teaches you several essential things such as: conceiving and implementing effective communication strategies relating to the delivery of products and services to existing and prospective customers; assessing planning methods to determine potential markets and set prices for products; and, learning how respond to international markets and customs because this is essential in gaining a correct perception about the world marketplace. Aside from becoming an expert in marketing, you need to understand your customers and find out their…

Office Stationery Supplies

  The word ‘office stationery supplies’ applies to describing almost all the items that are required in an office right from paper clips to folders. Though the world has changed to the electric media of late, still an office just cannot function without office stationery. Even to this day, you will find at least one drawer in an office filled with stationery items.

Why Should Small Business Pay Taxes When the Bureaucracy Uses the Money to Try to Bankrupt Them?

The other day, I was talking to a young man who had a construction business, and he also worked with his father, and learned the trade from him. He achieved his real estate license, and was currently buying homes, fixing them up, and then selling them again. He’d had good times and bad times, as we all know what happened in 2008 with the real estate crisis. Nevertheless, he wasn’t a quitter, and he was a talented and hard-working young man, looking for his next project and hoping to buy an REO, distressed sale, and/or foreclosure.

How To Grow A Business?

It is the most basic of questions asked by everyone from the CEO of a multinational organisation right down to the “One-man-band”. There have probably been thousands of books written on this single subject and we have found that almost all small business owners are looking for the “secret sauce” or “fairy dust” to make it happen fast. Here’s what we find works for all businesses.

Make Your Home-Based Enterprise Work

You just resigned from full-time employment and have made the decision to work from home. Now, it is time to consider some home based business ideas that you know will work perfectly. Although, it may be relatively difficult to choose a business that will fit your qualifications and interests.