Retired Boston Cop & Marine Dale Lawrence | Coptales & Cocktails Podcast

Retired Boston Cop & Marine Dale Lawrence | Coptales & Cocktails Podcast

Temporary Foreign Worker Program Can Be Costlier for Small, Independent Business

The Canadian temporary foreign workers’ program was recently in the news again. As you may recall, the Conservative government moved to make changes earlier this year in hopes of reducing the avalanche of applications and temporary workers in Canada. But as Carol Goar pointed out in an article in the Toronto Star, the numbers accepted into Canada between January to June 2013 actually increased by 5%, when compared to the same period in 2012.

Escalator Helps Small Business Fill Labour Gap With Ready-For-Hire, Fully Trained Youth

Small business’ aversion to hire staff due to limited financial resources, time to train new staff stifles business growth. Government created and funding tangible, practical help for business, particularly small business and entrepreneurs.

Certification For Your Women Owned Small Businesses?

Certification can help you secure contracts for your business. Leverage your business for success and get certified as a Women Owned Small Business with the SBA or with a third party certifier. Explore your options and how certification can possibly work to your advantage for contracts in the public and private sector!

Choosing a Vending Machine Company

If you have decided to set up a vending machine in your office, then choosing a good vending machine company is the next important step. When it comes to vending machines companies; you won’t have a problem in finding one. Each one of them, at first glance, seems to be better than the others. So, it can be bit confusing for you to select the best. Through this article we can help you with some tips that can help you in deciding the best vending companies.

Office Carpet Cleaning – The Truth About Achieving Clean Commercial Carpets

Cleaning your office carpets is incredibly important for many reasons. Employing an experienced professional commercial carpet cleaner really can make a difference to the day-to-day running of your business and the health of your employees and their co-workers.