REPLAY: Johnny Depp Testifies in Defamation Trial (Johnny Depp v Amber Heard)

REPLAY: Johnny Depp Testifies in Defamation Trial (Johnny Depp v Amber Heard)

Technology Transfer And Licensing Driving Products and Economic Value

Technologies and the products created from them have Economic Value. Economic Value is the value of an asset (or service) derived from its ability to generate revenue or income. Technologies have intrinsic value since they are the core of the resulting products, and the products are the volume money makers for business, and that provide customers with the desired/needed capabilities.

Your Profit Is in Your Productivity

As a business owner, you wear many hats. If you try to do everything yourself, you will certainly fail. Becoming a successful business owner often means shifting the way you work.

Four Reasons This Business Failed

Businesses fail for many reasons, but there are four major pitfalls that lead to their demise. These challenges have been repeatedly mentioned in conversations with other entrepreneurs. The article discusses these potential issues and offers solutions.

Best Means of Banishing the January Blues

How to keep yourself fit and happy following the over-indulgence and general hedonism of the holiday season. A time of the year which can hit both the waistline and the pocket!

The Carpet Cleaning Process in Detail

The carpet cleaning service guarantees the removal of various stains to give your carpet a fresh and new look. They offer you a powerful combination of tools, cleaners, and an experience.