R. Kelly’s Lawyer Says Convicted Sexual Predator Is the Victim

R. Kelly’s Lawyer Says Convicted Sexual Predator Is the Victim

Business Success – What’s The Purpose?

I beg you not to let your passion for your topic or your business trump the need to make a profit. I see people in our industry whether they coach or are coaches themselves or have other business, spend year after year, saying “I want to make a difference”, or ” I want to change things”, and they stay broke year after year after year.

5 Tips for New Business Owners

When starting a new business it’s important to be careful with your time and how you invest your capital as these two things will have a huge impact into how successful your business is. Here are 5 tips you must make sure you follow in order to give your business the start it needs to succeed: 1. Plan your week, when you set up your own business things can be quite chaotic.

Is It Time to Course Correct?

Is your business floating along with the current’s ebb and flow? Or are you paddling as fast as you can to move forward, but finding the waves to be too much to handle? In either situation, maybe it is time to review your course plan.

The Top Ten Things Holding You Back

“Just imagine how much you’d get done if you stopped actively sabotaging your own work. We must be talented, powerful and resilient creatures indeed given how much we manage to produce despite the constant undercutting, ridicule and needless censorship we aim at ourselves.” Seth Godin.

China Wholesale: Can You Source Branded Goods From China?

Buying branded products from China to resell is pointless, as all major brands exert complete control over each supply chain. Instead, focus on unbranded products with a big profitable target market. To learn more on can you source branded goods from China, read on.