Prosecutor Alleges Kevin Eastman Shot His Ex-Girlfriend and Murdered Her Lover

Prosecutor Alleges Kevin Eastman Shot His Ex-Girlfriend and Murdered Her Lover

Practice Strategies for the Second Half of 2011

Most of us go into a new year full of optimism and fire with goals to have a greater impact on the lives of our local community, grow our practice to a new level and of course improve upon our own lives both professionally and personally. We are just coming off the holiday season ‘high’ where we were basking in the spirit of giving and appreciation for how great life is and how fortunate we really are and so it only makes sense that we carry that positive change outlook over into the New Year. However, somewhere between January 1 and now, this little thing called life often begins to creep in and slowly impact the visions and direction we laid out only a few months earlier. If the daily grind has slowly nudged you off the path you set for you and your practice or even if you just sauntered into this year with no particular direction in mind, follow the simple strategies below to get back on course and retake command of the ship for great second half success.

Small Businesses – Unable to Provide Expensive Benefits – Cultivating Employee Loyalty in Novel Ways

Most small businesses are scrambling to cut costs and increase revenue. Many simply cannot afford to offer traditional benefits to employees and are seeking other strategies to keep employees happy.

How to Get the Best Gumball and Candy Vending Machine Locations!

If you’re a vending machine operator looking to expand your route with some bulk candy vending machines, then you may want to ditch the candy and go with plain old gumballs. Gumball machines are easy to maintain, involve few products and are so profitable you have to consider this alternative. Read on…

Your Vending Machine Business – How To Maximize Profits!

As with any business venture, cutting loss is a crucial method of financial success. Oftentimes loss goes unaccounted for or unnoticed and this leads to a smaller profit margin for your business. Keeping loose ends tied up will build you a stronger base. There are a number of ways to reduce unnecessary spending in the vending machine business and this article will help you do just that!

Best Inventory Software – Learn About the Top 5 for Small Business

One of the biggest problems that small to large businesses face today is having a inventory control method that works well for them. Of course inventories are managed on a computer using software but it is hard to know exactly what is the best inventory software. Provided below are the names of some of the best inventory software programs available today with a brief breakdown on each.