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How to Increase Business During a Tough Economy

Increasing business during tough economic times is not as difficult as some business owners make it out to be. Having been through quite a few up and down times, including the early nineties and post 911, my experience says that improvising and OOB thinking can lead to new sales and revenues. But there’s more to this picture and as always you’ll need to work at it.

How Do Rising Oil Prices Hurt Small Businesses?

As the world watches the chaos in the Middle East, gas prices rising, consumer spending is negatively impacted. Find out how this increase in oil prices affect our local small businesses.

Your Project Failed? Don’t Blame Microsoft, Blame Me

Our projects aren’t that big. But they fail just the same. We go over budget. We miss deadlines. But I’d like to be clear: our technology implementations usually do not fail because of the software. It’s not Microsoft’s fault. It’s almost always my fault. Why? Because I’m greedy. Too greedy.

Are Your Employees Working to Their Full Potential?

Yes they are! In fact we all are, all the time. If you have a salesperson that regularly performs below the quota you set for them, perhaps you need to look at their potential. If you consider they hate: their job, their boss, their product, their customer, their spouse… the fact that they can produce 50% of quota is actually quite astounding.

What Do New Year’s Resolutions and Goals Have in Common?

Because of the slowdown in business, January is the natural point for us to re-evaluate our businesses and set some goals to achieve them that year. The sad thing is that most people don’t achieve the goals they set. So, why do most goal setting attempts fail? There are 4 main reasons: