Police Shootout with Double-Homicide Suspect on Illinois Highway (Dashcam Video)

Police Shootout with Double-Homicide Suspect on Illinois Highway (Dashcam Video)

Are Economic Factors Changing The Concept of Quality in Small Business Environment?

The concept of “quality” and the control thereof seems to be waning when it comes to small business today. Will striving for “quality” take a small business owner out of a larger market? Very short answer is, yes. If a small business customers’ aren’t demanding and paying for quality the small business owner is cheating himself/herself. Today, customers want cost benefits and if they can’t see the benefits in quality and are willing to pay for it, forget it. If you are dedicated to quality then find that customer willing to pay for quality.

Booklet Tips – Info Vs Problem Solving

Your tips booklet has good or maybe even great how-to information in it. It seems a reasonable assumption that your information leads to solving problems for the reader, the buyer, or both (since they may not be the same person). Sometimes the information does solve one or more problems, yet that is not always true. Your booklet could actually be causing problems rather than solving them.

How To Make A Successful Cafe Startup

Fifty-four percent of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee. Coffee is also one of the favourite system-booster of many students and workers.

Qualifying for SBA Loans

Are you trying to get a loan for your small business? Read this quick summary of the minimum requirements and documentation small business owners must have in order to qualify for a loan from SBA lenders.

Working Moms and Mom Entrepreneur Business Tips

Today’s technology makes it easy for mothers all over the globe. No matter what your skills or interests, you can be guaranteed to find a work at home opportunity that will meet your own personal needs. However, this does not guarantee easy money. Mothers that choose to work at home will find ample opportunities, but it will take a lot of dedication and stubbornness to make it work for them. The following are some tips for moms working from home online: