Police Officer Tyler Hadden Testifies on Penthouse Incident (Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Trial)

Police Officer Tyler Hadden Testifies on Penthouse Incident (Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Trial)

Harness The Power Of Database: 20 Benefits

I have met a lot of clients who have asked me, “What is the database, and do I need it?” The answer to this fundamental question will give business owners a new perspective regarding what is possible in the website and mobile App programming areas. Due to a lack of enough awareness and my progressive experiences as an IT consultant and an advance database developer, here I concisely introduce the database and twenty benefits that you can get from it.

Tight Shipping Container Hinges Are a Common Problem With Several Solutions

A little research showed many different solutions to a common problem. Shipping container hinges often become dirty, bent or a combination of both which results in them becoming difficult to operate. We compiled a list of home remedy’s here and a once and for all fix for you to choose from.

Is Dun and Bradstreet Ripping Your Business Off?

Did you pay to get your DUNS number? If so, you paid too much. If you are a small business owner attempting to get certified, you need a DUNS number. But with the slick marketing tactics of the Dun and Bradstreet company, you can get stuck with an unnecessary payment of several hundred dollars. Learn how to cut through the maze and get your DUNS number for free.

What College Fails to Teach the Small Business Entrepreneur

The small business entrepreneur typically comes from all walks of life but our focus here today are the internet entrepreneurs with college educations! The fact is much of what I’ve learned to be effective online involves hands on learning and NOT book knowledge! Read more to see 7 things most college students fail to be taught or made aware of concerning their pursuit of the entrepreneurial lifestyle!

Costs of Starting a Mobile Beauty Business

A mobile beauty business can be extremely profitable especially due to the low overhead of not having to cover the costs of a premises. However, there are a number of different costs involved when starting a mobile beautician business. You will need tools, supplies and products to use as well as promotional material and insurance. Let’s look at the costs of staring a mobile beauty business in more detail.