Police K-9 Dog Licks Suspect's Face After Locating Him in Florida Swamp

Police K-9 Dog Licks Suspect’s Face After Locating Him in Florida Swamp

Precisely What Do Small Business System Strategies Do?

Having a business system that is working in your favor may help save your small business money and time. To put it simply, by having your company network enhanced your staff should be able to execute work related duties despite their location or time of day. For a lot of corporations using a small business network system means that the staff can work from home even while opening all of their important work related info.

Why Business Plans Fail

The lack of a business plan is frequently cited as the leading cause of small business failure. I would suggest that a business plan could also be a contributing factor to failure. Most business plans are detailed and present clear goals and a defined path to reach those goals. Unfortunately, many business plans are written in a vacuum and are based upon assumptions and unquestioned research. For a business plan to be a driver of success, those assumptions need to be tested and validated. This is where a business model can make the difference between success and failure.

The Mumpreneur Learning Curve: How To Cope

Running a business means that you’ll be learning all the time. There are some jobs where you can show up every day and do the same thing for years, but owning a business isn’t like that! In many ways the business learning curve has got steeper, because we all need to get to grips with technology (like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, the latest mobile devices, marketing online) as well as the different aspects of running a business (bookkeeping, tax, legal issues, selling) plus your own area of expertise (making/sourcing your products, delivering your service).

Financial Systems Philosophy – Owning a Business Vs Owning a Job

What makes owning a business different from being self-employed? If you aspire to own a multimillion-dollar business or a business that works even when you are spending your time doing something else, then consider developing these three areas: market-driven, systems, delegation.

Keys To Success – Competency

Competency is one of the most obvious keys to success. Yet, it remains one of the most elusive. Whether you are seeking individual or small business growth, competency is the foundation on which you must build.