People Are Smoking Weed Laced with Fentanyl Says Retired Cop

People Are Smoking Weed Laced with Fentanyl Says Retired Cop

Use Break Even Principles to Assure an Even Break

Many small business owners forget to include Fixed Costs and other Overhead expenditures when pricing. Break Even Principles include both Direct Costs and Fixed Costs to help prevent underpricing.

Small Business Services – Are You Running Your Business or Is It Running You?

Small business owners have a lot on their plates. Delegating tasks to experts can save small business owners time and large amounts of money. Focus on building a business. Let the experts worry about details.

WMD’s – Weapons of Mass Distractions

What are Weapons of Mass Distractions? They could be anything that take you away from achieving business success. The main culprits are your family, friends, shiny objects, not having a goal, failure to have a business plan, lack of capital, excuses, fear of competition, and the path of least resistance. They can destroy your business and having you applying for a greeter at Wal-mart.

Essential Equipment For Starting a Paintball Field

A paintball field can be a great profitable business if it’s done correctly. When starting out, getting an accurate quote on your initial paintball equipment purchase is of dire importance. This will be a mandatory step for figuring out how much money you will need for your bank loan. If you get too much or the wrong type of supplies, you can waste a lot of money and start out with a payment that’s more than you can handle for gear you can’t use. Without knowing what equipment you will need you will be at the mercy of whichever shop you ask for a quote and can be easily ripped off or end up buying too much. Keep reading this article to find out what bare minimum supplies are needed to open up a successful paintball field business. This information is basic but will arm you with what you will need to know to get started.

Simple Event Management Checklist

This article will discuss the elements that should go into the checklist when one is conducting an event. As there is a lot to cover, this list is just a simple guide to those who need a few ideas for event management.