Peanuts are a dangerous business! 🥜 #PersonalInjuryCourt #CourtShow #Shorts #Tattoo

Peanuts are a dangerous business! 🥜 #PersonalInjuryCourt #CourtShow #Shorts #Tattoo

Auto Accidents From a Legal Perspective

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2014, 32,675 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes in the United States and another 2,338,000 people were injured. 65,000 of those injured were pedestrians and 50,000 were bicyclists. What these statistics don’t tell you is that, as an injury victim of a motor vehicle accident or as the family of a fatal crash victim, you may be entitled to legal action.

What Are the Legal Remedies for a Dog Bite Attack?

If you have been a victim of a dog bite attack, or are a dog bite victim, you are going to want an attorney who knows dog bite laws. A locally based attorney that specializes in dog bites. There are plenty of dog bite attack lawyers who will be able to help you with your case and ensure you are compensated as you deserve as a dog bite victim.

Do You Have a Personal Injury Settlement?

If you or a loved one have been injured and are considering a settlement, finding the right professional legal team can be of great importance. You need the assistance of a top personal injury claim lawyer. Your legal team will help to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. They will do what is in your best interest. You didn’t do anything wrong, you just found yourself involved in a personal injury accident. Let your legal team help you today with your personal injury settlement case.

Why You Need a Car Wreck Attorney

Being in a car accident is scary! If this happens to you, you have certain rights under the law. Talk with an experienced car wreck attorney to find out how he or she can help you. There are 10 reasons why you need to hire a car accident attorney

Why Have an Expert Witness in a Personal Injury Case

Expert witnesses are often retained by personal injury attorneys to provide detailed information that helps prove the plaintiff’s case. But accident victims are responsible for this cost as part of the legal compensation. So they must decide whether hiring such an expert will be worthwhile.