Parkland School Shooter Nikolas Cruz Was Cold, Calculated and Manipulative: Prosecutor

Parkland School Shooter Nikolas Cruz Was Cold, Calculated and Manipulative: Prosecutor

The Cloud Is Turning Me Into An Insurance Salesman!

CNET’s Jonathan Eunice wrote a nice piece about the recent backlash to cloud computing. His conclusion is that, even with the problems experienced by cloud based vendors, like Amazon’s web services outage, the cloud is “still the way forward.” He’s right. I should know. I’m the kind of guy who hates change. Who drives the same car for years. Who pretty much knows what I’ll be eating each day for lunch the upcoming week. But even I have to admit that cloud computing is still the way forward. I have to. Cloud computing is already turning my technology business completely upside down. In fact, it’s turning me into someone I never thought I’d be.

Fuel Tank Tips – Different Fuel Types and How to Store Them Safely

Whether you need them for your business or your home, fuels like gasoline, kerosene, oil, diesel and ethanol are essential for our survival, and something of a necessary evil. Because essential though they are, they are also toxic substances that pose a very real safety hazard.

Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Client Database

This is where most of your future business will come, directly and indirectly from your database of clients. And if you ever want to sell your business, the main thing another business owner would be buying is the future revenue stream.

How To Make Soap With Lye – Grasping It Clearly

Lye is among the three main elements in the creation of soap. The Lye is mixed with standard tap water along with oils, and in a chemical procedure known as soap formation; the Lye converts the fats and natural oils into cleansing soap.

Identifying the Vacuum That’s Sucking the Cash Out of Your Small Business

Having a strong cash flow is vital to growing your small business. Unfortunately, it appears that most banks have nearly made it impossible for small businesses to get a loan or a line of credit. I would even go as far to say that the only companies that can get a loan or line of credit are those that don’t need it.