"None of it was intended to be real" Johnny Depp Testifies About Text Messages

“None of it was intended to be real” Johnny Depp Testifies About Text Messages

How to Handle Cleaning Business Employees Who Don’t Get Along With Each Other

For those of us who own cleaning business companies, our employees are truly an asset that we depend on. While striving to improve your cleaning business’s functions and profits, any improvement in your HR department can easily translate into dollars and cents at the bottom line. Last week I had a question from a coaching client who had two valuable employees who couldn’t seem to get along with each other.

Don’t Go It Alone – Find Help You Can Count On

Running a small business is difficult at best, especially when you have to do everything yourself. Sometimes it is even too hard to focus on the important things because you are too busy doing all the little things. It can be hard to take a step back and look at the overall picture to figure out where you have been and where you may want to go with your business. If you don’t have time to take a step back; then think about finding someone to help mentor you through the ups and downs of running your business.

Stay Afloat With the Right Accounts Receivable Financing Service

The success of a company is certain to relate to the ability to manage and coordinate the day-to-day finances. If a company starts to experience delays in receiving due payments, this is likely to result in a lot of stress and financial difficulties.

How to Create A Business Plan in 6 Easy Steps

A business plan is no easy task. It is the most important document a small business owner should have and the one that most small business owners don’t have. A traditional business plan is minimally 20 pages long and can takes months to prepare. And that’s why most SBOs don’t create one. But what if I told you that you can create a business plan in less than an hour AND in 6 easy steps? Sssshhhh don’t tell anyone.

Merchandise Mistake No 1 – Failing to Maintain Adequate Inventory of Consumable Dollar Store Items

To gain dollar store success, make certain you cater to the shoppers’ everyday needs first, and then fill in the gaps with the fun extras. Read on to learn more about this topic.