NOMRL Executive Talks Legal Marijuana Challenges on Federal Level

NOMRL Executive Talks Legal Marijuana Challenges on Federal Level

What Works

Yesterday was a good day. It was a “real” day, made of multiple flavors and various degrees of “success.” As I got into bed last night, feeling pleasantly peaceful, my mind spent a little time fleeting around, doing a little review.

4 Great Benefits of Social Media Planning

Having a social media strategy in place for your business is a great way to get going online. When it comes down to acting on it, advance planning makes it as seamless as possible and provides some other valuable benefits!

Improve Your Cleaning Business by Using 3 Quick Fixes to Improve Quality of Staff’s Performance

As a cleaning service business owner you are focused on two things: how to get new cleaning accounts and how to improve your cleaning business. If there is an issue with poor work, that needs to be addressed right away. Otherwise it may sabotage all the great work you are doing in the areas of marketing,recruiting and hiring, understanding your financials, etc.

Small Business Tips: Creating Your Public Relations Strategy

Like all businesses, regardless of size, you need an effective public relations (PR) plan in order to succeed. Often, it takes some extra effort to make your voice heard above the noise of the bigger players in the field, especially if you’re new on the scene. However, you can take several steps to improve your visibility, regardless of your size and budget. The following are five essential PR tips for small businesses.

Starting a Small Business: Starting Small

Now that you have dreamed about your business idea and thought of the great potential it has, it is time to take a few steps back. Your task is to figure out what the first steps are in starting a business that will end up where your dream has taken you.