NJ v. Michael Barisone Trial Day 9 - Cont'd Cross Redirect Of Dr. Charles Hassonm, Psychologist

NJ v. Michael Barisone Trial Day 9 – Cont’d Cross Redirect Of Dr. Charles Hassonm, Psychologist

Follow Your Dreams Before It’s Too Late To Enjoy Them

How much determination to you apply when you are following your dreams? Do you even start, or do you give up half way. Perhaps we can all learn from this elderly lady. Think of her next time you are struggling with a project, or fearful of starting a new venture!

Writing a Business Plan – Is It Really Worth the Trouble?

Is a business plan useful in today’s age? I make the case that it is. Even if it’s just to forma concrete plan of an idea.

Small Business Website Search Rankings

These days everybody and their brother has a website which means ranking your site on Google and other search engines can be nearly impossible. Use these three tips to ensure that you’re on the right track to rank your website within no time at all!

Plan Your Strategies – Are You Looking At The Bigger Picture?

In business, plan your strategies. Decide where you want to be in 1 year 3 years 5 years and break the target down into monthly and then weekly projects. This way you clearly know your aims and can measure your progress. Do something every day to bring you nearer to your goal and it won’t seem nearly as overwhelming. This way you will remember your new skills more easily and can build on them daily while your business is growing. Also, with the same diligence, test all of your ideas in a small way before you roll them out for better, bigger results. This way you won’t waste lots of money on advertising campaigns, and can grow your business steadily and at a manageable rate.

Booklet Tips – Test Your Market the Easy Way

You have dozens of tips booklet ideas rattling around your mind. It’s so much easier and quicker than writing a book. The ideas are coming almost faster than you can capture them. You are identifying different levels of information from basic to advance. There are endless topics to share with your world. And that’s only tips booklets, before considering other delivery formats like audio, video, card decks and more. Your mind is in overdrive. Where to start?