NJ v. Michael Barisone Trial Day 8 - Cont'd Cross Exam Of Dr.  Steven Simring, Psychiatrist - Part 2

NJ v. Michael Barisone Trial Day 8 – Cont’d Cross Exam Of Dr. Steven Simring, Psychiatrist – Part 2

Why Basic Bookkeeping Is So Important

The majority of small business startups fail. Some of them should but most of them don’t have to. There are fundamental reasons for these failures and they are not what you think they are. An accurate, up to date assessment of a business’s financial condition is a cornerstone of success and that starts with bookkeeping. This article explains why.

Booklet Tips – Format Choices

You have tips from your expertise to share with the world. You decided a tips booklet makes sense for your business and your audience. You also have ideas about how you want to present your information in that booklet. While there is no one “right” way, some approaches work better than others, based on your style and what you want to achieve.

Why Should You Work Until You’re 70, How Can You Avoid It?

Why should you work until you are 70? Is that what you are planning? Will you be fit enough to continue that long? It is quite a stressful job. From a working life into you box, that doesn’t sound much fun. Or would you rather find another solution? How about running a little business from home, something when set up, could be run a few hours a day or week, to fit in with your life style, and the income you desire. Start it now and let it grow over the years.

10 Warning Signs That You Need A New Accountant

How do you measure your accountant’s performance? It’s not always obvious that your professional is doing the best they can be doing for you. This article explains some of the warning signs that you made need to start shopping.

This New Website Idea Will Change You, Your Family and Community – Part 1

Our best opportunities in life are predicted by the global interests of the people within our world. I have noticed a definite interest, even a movement, towards the creation of collaborative communities.