NJ v. Michael Barisone Trial Day 7 - Cross/Redirect of Jordan Osborne - Lived On Defendant's Farm

NJ v. Michael Barisone Trial Day 7 – Cross/Redirect of Jordan Osborne – Lived On Defendant’s Farm

Own A Small Company? Know Whom To Recruit

There may be many types of employees in a workplace. A study also confirms that the working environment of a company that has different types of employees can be great. This is all the more true for small business entities because the workplace will be more dynamic and enterprising than those companies in which most of the employees are of the same type. Therefore, recruiters must try to have a good mix of various types of employees in their companies. Let us have a look at some of the types of employees who can do good to their companies.

How to Be Successful in Business – Wouldn’t the Dragon’s Den Contestants Like to Know

Watching “Dragons Den’s” entrepreneur’s makes interesting viewing, but are there also lessons to be learnt? Who are the successful contestants that walk away with the money they are looking for? What makes a successful business? Perhaps the first reason is people “buy” people. They have to have an attractive personality, be confident with a good business manner. Show they are organized and knowledgeable in all the facts that they need to present and to have researched the backgrounds of the Dragons and what they specialize in, in other words, make a good impression. A smart business-like appearance is also important and to be able to illustrate some existing success in their business.

Why You Should Form an Entity?

Its important to know how to protect yourself when starting a Business. Learn how you can build a solid foundation and keep everything you worked for protected. Creating separation between you and your business can be one the most important things you do. Don’t co-mingle.

3 Simple Secrets to Your Success

The goal here is not to make things complicated, but keep them simple. KISS. There are lots of secrets to your success but I will highlight only 3.

Time Is Money: Inspiration From a Piece of Art

Some time ago, while on our annual trek to the Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Vermont, DH and I stopped at a glass blowing studio/shop. One piece in particular caught my eye (see picture). The artist named it “Time is Money”, shredded some bills and then created the glass blown hourglass around it.