NJ v Michael Barisone Trial Day 2 - Arguments Outside The Presence Of The Jury

NJ v Michael Barisone Trial Day 2 – Arguments Outside The Presence Of The Jury

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Between Large 3D Printing Services Online

Not all 3D printing services are the same, especially when it comes to creating large sized prototypes. This is where you separate the boys from the men.

Tax Revelation for Small Business Operators

The Reality of Doing Business Business is both art and science. Art in the sense that you strive to create and operate a business that solves real problems in the lives of others and minimize their pain points. Science in that there are some technical tasks that you must take care of or else run the risk of business failure.

Male Body Waxing Is Not Allowed In Some Areas

In many areas, waxing salons will not perform services on males. In other areas they are willing to perform waxing services on males only above the waist.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Company Logo Design

You can be one of those smart firms with a smart company logo design if you avoid the above mentioned mistakes when planning to develop one for your company. Moreover, the shapes, font, icons and images involved in the custom logo are to be used wisely. A logo with simple design is way better than the one that is too complex.

5 Tips for Developing Better Storytelling Skills

Once upon a time… Even if it doesn’t end in happily ever after, there is something about hearing a story that puts us into a much more receptive, more relaxed and engaged listening mode. When we hear a story, we more readily identify with one of the characters. We place ourselves in the story as it resonate in us on an emotional level. Sharing the story about the success of a school resonates far more by sharing the struggle, journey and triumph of one of its students. Sterile facts and features, even benefits and WIIFM statements, cannot trump the power of a compelling story.