NEW TRIAL: Parkland School Shooter Faces Life In Prison or Death Penalty - FL v. Nikolas Cruz

NEW TRIAL: Parkland School Shooter Faces Life In Prison or Death Penalty – FL v. Nikolas Cruz

Why Businesses Are Bought and Sold

Did you know that the legendary Jimi Hendrix song All Along the Watchtower is actually a cover version? It was written and originally recorded by Bob Dylan. In fact, Bob Dylan is one of the most covered artists of all time.

Revenue Generators Part Two

In the first post on revenue generators we looked at marketing and branding. Before we get into the last two revenue generators, advertising and sales, I want to delve into marketing a little more.

Create Business Systems And Set KPI’s To Manage Them

KPI’s are important because they allow you to measure the things that matter in your business, and the things that matter are how many customers you’re getting, how many are staying, how much they actually buy, and how frequently they buy and how much profit you are able to make in the process. So knowing what your KPI’s are and better still, actually measuring them on a regular basis is something that will make your business stand out. Your customers will notice your efficient, streamlined and systemised way of doing business and they will love that they can shop with you and know exactly how they will be treated, the kind of service they’ll get, the follow up support that will be offered, that they won’t be forgotten about.

Create Business Systems To Manage Your Time and Your Priorities In Your Business

What is more important to you, Time or Money? Well, once you have spent your money, you can always earn more, but once you have spent your time, it is gone forever.

Going Green With Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

With all of the different options that are out there for carpet cleaning, there is one that is gaining ground fast. Fast drying, low moisture carpet cleaning. The major reason why this is becoming a major force is that it takes care of the biggest complaint that people have with getting the carpets cleaned. Dry time.