Narcotics Cop Recalls Undercover Operations & Dealing with Drug Addicts

Narcotics Cop Recalls Undercover Operations & Dealing with Drug Addicts

Preparing Your Self For A Small Business Loan: Tips and Information

We all can use help and tips on getting a small business loan. Read below to help prepare yourself.

What Goes in a Business Credit Application?

Obtaining a signed credit application should be an integral part of the process of extending credit to a customer. The application provides information necessary to determining the risk of not being paid in a timely manner (if at all) and to establish a credit limit. More importantly, it gives you permission to contact bank and trade references and agrees to your terms of sale.

Why Small Businesses Stagnate and Eventually Fail?

Have you ever thought what could happen if the captain of a ship wakes up not knowing which direction to steer the ship but only acts on what the circumstances are? Having a map will steer the company in the right direction and keep all members on board focused.

Risk Management Primer for Small Businesses

Every decision a small business owner undertakes involves risk. Given that none of us has unlimited resources, each decision involves trade offs as we must select some options and pass on others. Even choices that don’t seem to be risky have an element of risk; by doing one activity we lose the option to pursue others (opportunity costs). Typically, risk management looks at the negative side of choices, but it’s more valuable to consider risk comprehensively.

Advice In Business – So What’s a SWOT?

Have you ever thought about completing a SWOT analysis on your business? There are plenty of tools that you can use to establish good business practice, and when you’re “caught” in the mayhem of everyday business activity it can be really important to understand the need to stand back and consider other options.