'My Husband Just Killed My Boyfriend, Then Killed Himself' (Disturbing 911 Calls)

‘My Husband Just Killed My Boyfriend, Then Killed Himself’ (Disturbing 911 Calls)


Taking Action – Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Remember the saying we heard as children, actions speak louder than words? At least in my house that was a common one. As a kid, I’m not so sure that it meant much, other than clean your room now and stop telling me you’ll do it later. Mom liked us to take immediate action and not give her lip service about a future time we’d like be cleaning.

The Importance of a Counter Offer When Selling Your Business

To sell a business in the current market you need to be flexible, open-minded and a good negotiator. Once you’re in negotiations with an interested buyer it is important to make a solid, strong counter offer at the beginning of negotiations.

Tips for Launching Your Business on a Budget

Starting a small business is a challenging experience that can reel in high profits. Entrepreneurs who start this dream will have a good reason to increase their energy and confidence levels. All businesspeople should know how to carry out their own goals well so they tell everyone else how great their idea is and what they can provide. Even so, one of the biggest worries that business owners have is that they will not have enough money to start a business or cannot get a loan to do so. There are still ways that they can start a small business on a budget and expand it over time.

How to Build a Strong Small Business From the Ground Up

When a person decides that they want to build a business, regardless of the size of the business, a number of factors will come into play. The decision-making process can be a lengthy one and at times, a confusing one as well.

How Labels Add Value to Business

As we are moving towards the advancements in technology, we are becoming more habitual to innovation and creativity in every product we use to use in our daily life. Methods of Producing, presenting, delivering goods are changing rapidly.