'Ms. Vasquez, Do You Want Me To Close the Shades?', Says Judge Azcarate

‘Ms. Vasquez, Do You Want Me To Close the Shades?’, Says Judge Azcarate

3 Simple Steps to Giving Clients Exactly What They Need

Top-notch salons and spas provide value by giving their clientele exactly what they need. Follow these steps to create offers your clients can’t refuse.

Booklet Tips – Doing It Right – Not

You may know some details of my booklet story, and, no doubt, certain things stuck with you more than others. For instance, the thing that makes great copy is how many booklets have been sold (over a million) in four languages and various formats without spending a penny on advertising. Every word of that is completely true as stated, without the slightest embellishment. However, you may not know these details:

How To Calculate Return On Investment On A Biometric Time Attendance System?

Are you aware of the savings you can make using a fingerprint time attendance system? A lot of business owners thinking of implementing a biometric time attendance system are unaware of the actual benefits or how to calculate them. This post gives you an insight into how to calculate your return on investment made on time tracking software systems.

Retail and Wholesale Trophy Supplies Dealers Sell a Lot More Than Trophies

There are more retail and wholesale trophy supplies available for awards and recognitions than most people realize. When consumers think of a “trophy” shop, they remember the little ballerina crystal trophy a friend once won or the baseball player trophy a little boy they knew was given. But that’s just the beginning.

The Difference Between Creating or Developing a Business Online

Many tend to approach the idea of developing a business online with the thoughts that their efforts will be quickly rewarded! The reality is however when you’re looking to actually develop something that will turn a profit both time and patience will be needed, and in great abundance! Read on to quickly ‘examine’ the difference between ‘creating’ or ‘developing’ an online business to see what is needed to accomplish either or both!