MLB Extends Leave for Trevor Bauer After Charges Were Dropped (Brian Ross Investigates)

MLB Extends Leave for Trevor Bauer After Charges Were Dropped (Brian Ross Investigates)

What Is Your Biggest Challenge?

I’m guessing that your biggest challenge right now is figuring out what your business will look like before you create it. You can’t imagine it. It’s a vague idea, and not a lot else. And that’s because it’s difficult to do this in a vacuum. When they are a lot of factors to consider, you need a model. You need to see what someone else has done.

How To Write Winning Proposals – Part 3 – Using a Template

This is the third of a series of articles on how to write winning proposals. We are concentrating on preparing proposals in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) from a Government Agency. The second part, Style, covered writing and presentation styles. This installment covers the use of a suggested proposal template.

Does Invoicing Alone Ensure Timely Payments?

Many businesses rely solely on cash flow to keep things moving. But, is invoicing enough to get paid on time? Find out in this article.

Green Packaging Goes Beyond Protecting the Environment

The packing and shipping industries have undergone a massive shift over the past decade. There is a new emphasis on utilizing packing materials which are not only inexpensive and effective, but also environmentally friendly. One such technology is the Aircell Cushion. The key to ensuring green technologies remain a main stream alternative is by meeting three separate criteria. They must be socially accepted, environmentally friendly, and economically viable.

How to Choose the Right Type of Salon Chair for Every Service

Every salon is different which is why so many different types of salon chairs are available. The problem many salon owners face is deciding what type of chairs are best for the services the salon offers. Most salons would benefit from having multiple different types of chairs specifically suited for individual services. While the number of options available continues to grow, there are three basic types of salon chairs to choose from. They are electric shampoo units, all-purpose chairs, and styling chairs.