Michael Barisone Shooting Victim Testifies In Court (L&C Daily)

Michael Barisone Shooting Victim Testifies In Court (L&C Daily)

Starting a New Dental Practice? Here’s Your Guide That Includes Another Option to Get Started

If you’re starting a new dental practice, you have to explore all your options. You actually have two options and they’re going to be explained fully in this article. By reading this article, you’ll also know the best way to get started.

Booklet Tips – Ideas Out of Your Office

Whether you are out of your office for a vacation, business trip, local shopping, visits with family or friends, or going for a walk around the block, do you notice ideas often surface that you struggle to intentionally access when sitting in front of your computer for a predefined writing session? If so, you are not alone in that experience. What do you do to capture the ideas, much less to honor them?

Booklet Tips – Lead Time for Bulk Sales Buyers

For almost a quarter century, people have asked how over a million copies of a single tips booklet got sold in multiple languages and formats without spending a penny on advertising. While it took a variety of approaches and a lot of things that didn’t work, it all came down to a few key elements.

Common Mistakes in Business Valuations

Business Valuations are frequently undertaken however there are errors which we see on a recurring basis. This article highlights some common mistakes and how to avoid making same.

Deadly World of Comparison: How to Use It to Your Advantage

We spend time on social media reading about others triumphs, others happy events, others great news. And we compare that to our lives. We often use what we see to tell ourselves that we are not enough.It is a natural human response. We are hard wired to compete-think survival of the fittest. To fight our hard wiring takes conscious effort.