Man Taped His Husky's Mouth Shut, Locked Him in Hot Car to Go Gamble: Cops

Man Taped His Husky’s Mouth Shut, Locked Him in Hot Car to Go Gamble: Cops

How to Improve Your Small Business Medical Insurance Plan

At a time when it seems that the future of medical insurance for small business has been left to the whims of big government, there are still several important steps employers can take to mitigate the never-ceasing rate increases, and improve enrollment and employee participation. Here are four tips to help improve your small business medical insurance plan.

The Complementary Sticker Designs

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One Entrepreneur’s Take on Unemployment

I’ve been feeling a little guilty lately. No, it’s not because I read the entire issue of People’s Hottest Bachelors last week in the dentist’s office. Or that I found it interesting that Chace Crawford has never, ever plucked his eyebrows. It’s not because I feel kind of sorry that Colonel Gaddafi wasn’t allowed to sleep in his tent in New Jersey. And it’s not because I took my 14-year-old son to see Inglorious Basterds either. Sure, it was a completely inappropriate movie for a kid that age. But we loved that scene where all the Nazis got blown up inside the movie theatre. Even so, these aren’t why I’m feeling guilty. The real reason is because, as a small business owner, I’ve been benefiting from the country’s high unemployment. Is this a bad thing?

Learn How To Buy A Business

The moment you think about buying a business as an extension to your current business or just to own a new business and be your own boss, few concern pop up as important questions which needs to be answered before you actually buy any business.

Steps For Buying Or Selling Business

There are whole lists of things that you should know before buying a business. For most of the people especially the for the new comers in the business arena, buying a business is a better deal than starting from scratch. While buying a business someone has already done setup a base that you can build on like customer base, recruiting employees, working on a lease.