Man Sues Best Friend For $2,000,000! | Double Full Episode | Personal Injury Court

Man Sues Best Friend For $2,000,000! | Double Full Episode | Personal Injury Court

Following an Accident, Evidence Is Important

Many people assume that the police will gather all important details following an accident though this is not always the case. Often, the police will only note those things that are important from their perspective (or enough to file a report). The information that you need in order to file a strong personal injury case is different.

Should You Get a Massage After an Accident?

You may have seen massage therapist signs offering special rates on post-accident massages (or chiropractic readjustments, even). A massage can sound like an amazing thing to get if you are sore from an accident, but booking a massage right after an accident might not be the best thing for your personal injury case – here’s why.

Car Accident Lawyer for Better Compensation

According to the reports from California Highway Patrol, 22,000 people were killed in accidents in 2013. Despite all the road regulations, accidents can still happen anywhere and anytime.

Five Ways an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Can Provide Crucial Help

Talking to a personal injury attorney about your case can seem like a daunting task. Discovering these five ways a lawyer can provide crucial help should calm your fears.

A Car Accidents Lawyer Isn’t Just for Drivers

Without a car accidents lawyer, traveling by bicycle leaves the rider vulnerable to a number of threats, both physical and legal. Bike and automobile collisions create sticky situations for the cyclists even if they are not at fault.