Man Crashes into and Allegedly Robs Circle K Convenience Store

Man Crashes into and Allegedly Robs Circle K Convenience Store

3 Tips To Help You Finish What You Enthusiastically Start

Is that idea you had to change the world now heaped into a pile of other things that were going to change the world? Are you planning to change the world just as soon as you figure out how to get out of your own way? Nothing stops your progress like you stopping yourself. So, how do you get out of your own way?

Why Your Small Business Loan Was Turned Down and How to Fix It

In the current economic environment it is difficult to get a business loan but not impossible.  The first step after being rejected by a bank for a loan is to dust yourself off and ask the bank for feedback on why your loan application was rejected.  Usually they will be forthcoming for the reasons why they turned it down and you can use that information to improve your chances the second time around.

Do Home Businesses Really Work?

The main questions people have when looking to go into employment for themselves are: 1. Do home businesses actually work? (In other words will they work for me?) 2. Are there scams, and if so, what should I look out for? 3. How long will it take for me to make real money?!

Tips To Help Convert Home Working Ideas Into Business Success

Mothers these days have many different roles in society. Home working ideas can solve many of the problems of earning money for the family while directly coping with family responsibilities. Here are some tips on home working for mums who want to work and manage their homes virtually at the same time.

How to Hire the Right Administrative Staff

If your idea of office staff includes the TV sitcom image of a secretary who spends her days filing her nails and chatting on her cell phone, you need to read this post. The role of the modern administrative assistant has evolved into much more in our face-paced business world. He/she is most likely college educated, proficient in much more than just the MS Office Suite, career oriented, and seen as a team member with valuable input.