Man Accused of Hitting Ex-Girlfriend in Front of Kids

Man Accused of Hitting Ex-Girlfriend in Front of Kids

Tips To Save Money When Buying Stationery

All of us know that there are some costs which are just not avoidable. They just add up to our expenses. So, for all the costs which we cannot avoid, we should at least try to minimize them.

Top 5 Small Business Ideas for Women

‘Small business ideas for women’ is an almost infinite list. With just the will to start a business and the effort to put in, even the weirdest idea could become a successful business.

Simple Water Business Requiring No NAFDAC, That Beats Pure Water Business Hands Down

It is really necessary for business people to always keep their eyes open for business opportunities. This even becomes more imperative for business consultants like me. So when I was doing the final burial rites of my mom, I walked with my two eyes open for business opportunities. Somewhere on my site, I have dealt with the business opportunities, but I thought I should treat this separately for the serious profit potential it possesses and the versatility of the idea. It will work almost everywhere and for a long time. So welcome to the water business that beats pure water hands down even as you do not need NAFDAC approval.

What to Do Before Buying a Business

At some point you may have considered buying a business. Before you do, there are important things to consider that will help you in making the right decision.

How To Start A Bank With 500k

There is this belief that you need millions of Naira to own a financial institution. To some extent, this may be true, but there is a way you can own an establishment performing some of the functions of the commercial banks. You will receive cash, extend credits and you can start with as little as 500k.