Lunch Show Q&A: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial

Lunch Show Q&A: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial

Small Business Strategy – Why Bother?

Small business strategy is often the first thing a business owner will say they need are going to do next, and is most likely the very last thing they will actually put time and energy into. It’s not that you don’t know it’s the right thing to do, it’s not that you don’t think it will be of any benefit to you and your business, it’s that the day-to-day chaos and challenges always seem to take priority. To be very honest we too are challenged with the very same things day-in, day-out. But to not give some time to creating a business strategy is dangerous over the long haul.

Let’s Implement American Small Business Job Growth Using the Fundamentals

Well, as a non-supporter of the Obama Administration and a detractor often asserting the Administration of being anti-free-market capitalism, today, I give a round of applause and kudos for their latest small business indicatives. Yes, I know it is an election year and this stuff should have been done the FIRST day in office, and is much more important for job growth than just about anything else, but it’s also better late than never, regardless of whether this administration survives their political re-election campaign.

Success on the Internet

The secret to online business is having a good content. Managing your content properly and adding relevant information drives people to your site and you wouldn’t be spending much on advertising anymore. Customers who are satisfied by your products and services are the best source of prospects and new customers.

3 ‘Birthday Party’ Business Ideas To Make Money This Year

It’s time to take advantage of the kids birthday industry. Here are 3 major money making ideas.

The Five Biggest Mistakes Made When Starting a Business

It is a sad fact of business life that around half of new start-ups fail within the first year, and a significant further proportion fail in the first three years. However, this alarming statistic should not put you off starting a new business as, with the proper planning and a sound business approach, there is no reason why you should not be successful. You just need to be aware of the common traps that new entrepreneurs can fall into.