LTWM Happy Hour

LTWM Happy Hour

Small Business Owners Face Challenges

A recent article in Huffington post asked small business owners what challenges they expected in 2012. The sample size of owners was small, but the general concerns apply to the majority of small business owners. This article is about those challenges and possible solutions.

Increase Sales and Grow Your Business With An Effective Trade Show Experience

Trade shows are a lucrative and exciting way to increase sales and grow your business – if they are used properly. But many businesses attend them only to feel they have wasted time and money without rewards.

Whether or Not to Publish Your Prices

To publish or not to publish your prices in a brochure or on your website is a perplexing question. If someone is ready to make a choice, or even just moderately close to ready, and your prices are hiding, there is no choice point.

5 Tips to Guide Your Small Business Success

Small business success is the dream of countless many who aspire to take more control of the direction of their lives! The internet has made it possible to build a money making business on a shoe string budget but certain preparations are still needed! Read more to see the 5 things you’ll need to do in order to achieve financial freedom as an internet entrepreneur!

3 Realities of Small Business Ownership

Small business ownership is a risk and reward type of existence but the rewards can make those risks oh so worth it! Read further to discover 3 realities one must accept and address if you intend to achieve small business success online!