Long Road to Justice: The Nailah Franklin Story (Court Junkie)

Long Road to Justice: The Nailah Franklin Story (Court Junkie)

Cooking The Books

For the past two tax seasons, I have been completely organized with my business financials, but that was not always the case. Before I got organized, I remember spending the ENTIRE weekend, from Friday to Sunday evening, getting my books straight in preparation for tax filing. Now, you have to understand, I was career banker.

Certification Myths Busted

If you have researched certifications for your business then you have likely encountered some of the following certification myths and misconceptions. Here I shatter some of the most common misconceptions about certifications and provide you the real information so that you can properly use this valuable tool to compete.

Are You HUBZone Qualified?

Where are the HUBZones and what are the benefits of being a HubZone Participant? Read on to learn more about the HUBZone program, the benefits and how your business can qualify.

Chat versus Contact Form: Pushing the Boundaries of Web 2.0

Online chats and contact forms had their place, but new, more engaging technology is available to enhance the online experience, acquire business opportunities and deliver amazing service. Using technology to transform a website into a marketing vehicle can immediately accelerate business and help ensure long-term prosperity.

List Your Business on Google Places and Increase Your Local SEO

Learn how to increase your local traffic with Google Places. By adding your business to Google Places you will increase your local SEO and drive the traffic you want to your business.